Dee Blackman

Dee Blackman has a long and successful career—over 40 years in the field of college admissions. She herself was an Ivy League student, achieving a B.S. from Brown University and a M.A. in psychology from Yale.

After spending some time as a psychotherapist, she returned to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to earn an M.B.A. in marketing. She regularly claims that, in her work as an independent consultant, her psychology training helps her in understanding the needs of her student and family clients, aiding her in helping them make the best choices in applying to college.

And her marketing training helps her to present that student in a manner most likely to lead to acceptance.

Dee has worked in every facet of the college admissions process. She spent years in various admissions operations, starting as an admissions counselor and working her way up to turns as a director, dean, and a vice-president of enrollment management. She has a firm grasp of college financial aid, athletic recruitment and legacy admissions, having supervised the departments responsible for admissions decisions in all of these areas.データー

When Dee served as Dean of Undergraduate Admission and Financial Aid at Columbia, she estimates that she read in excess of 15 thousand applications every year. As Dean, she ultimately was responsible for who was admitted, and she understands just what an individual student application must contain for serious consideration by selective colleges. There are clear tips and strategies that a public or private high school guidance counselor or college admissions officer will usually be unfamiliar with that, through her insider knowledge, can be brought to bear on the student’s behalf.

In her tenure as Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid for Harvard University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, she read each application for all forty-five departments. This experience reinforced her understanding of how a trajectory established as a high school senior can have a long-range, life-altering impact.

Dee has also had tenures as a Dean of Admissions at a state university and a VP of Enrollment at a specialty college. She has consulted with several institutions in improving the quality of their entering classes,

but most pertinently, she has spent time as a freelance college admissions counselor aiding families in navigating the college admissions process to highly successful outcomes.

The breadth of her long experience makes her a highly desirable resource for high school students and their families who have the determination to have a good college fit at the best possible college. With her insider’s understanding, she is able to make what may seem mysterious more predictable and bring what may seem impossible to within reach.

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Chase Staub

ChaseStaubChase has received an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Georgia and a graduate degree leading to a career in admissions from the University of Pennsylvania. He started his admissions career at the University of Georgia’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions. There he assisted with the development of stronger undergraduate admissions criteria, the processing of applications, and revisions to the application supplement. Chase also guided high school students throughout Georgia in getting admitted to colleges and universities across the country.

After leaving the University of Georgia, Chase worked in graduate admissions at the University of Pennsylvania. While at Penn, Chase conducted interviews, along with aiding in the development of graduate admissions criteria. In this position, he also met with students around the world to assist with their applications, which resulted in their acceptance to many selective graduate programs, including programs at Cornell, George Washington, Syracuse, Harvard, Emory, and Vanderbilt.

Together, Chase Staub and Dee Blackman have vast college admissions experience. Every detail to ensure strong applications receives the proper attention to maximize a student’s likelihood of acceptance.


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