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Applying to College: The Importance of Organization

Applying to college can be a long, complex process, so why make it any more difficult? One simple step can lead to a more enjoyable and successful admissions process: organization.

In my article, “Applying to College: A Nightmare or a Dream?”, I discuss the importance of organization throughout the college application process. By starting early with a list of colleges, their respective deadlines, application essays, and individual requirements, you can map out a timeline to ensure you evenly spread out the work and face no surprises.

Additionally, organizing your requirements will display any overlapping questions and requirements, which can help you complete similar tasks at the same time—greatly reducing the amount of work. (However, do not forget to tailor any college-specific questions!)

In my experience as a college admissions consultant and independent counselor, students with the best organization often have the most successful results, as they have ample time to complete all their college application essays and requirements. It can also take several weeks for test scores, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other requirements to reach a college, so starting early may prevent a deferral or denial due to late materials.

For detailed steps on organizing your college applications, you can read the full article here.

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