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The Only Formula for College Success

Not all information about college admissions is true. When applying to top, selective colleges, such as those among the Ivy League, every detail must be correctly completed, as the competition leaves little room for mistakes. Unfortunately, there is an abundance of false, inaccurate, and even contradicting information available. This has caused a “frenzy” throughout the college admissions process, as students are left confused and uncertain about what steps to take.

Recently, The Ivy Dean’s Drusilla Blackman, who was a former Dean of Admissions at Columbia and Harvard, published an article to bring awareness to this false information and point students in an accurate direction to improve their success. In the article, she discusses “the only formula for college success” and common mistakes made by students and families.

One must be careful when reading information on the Internet or listening to a friend, counselor, or family member. Is the information accurate? Does the person presenting the information have personal admissions experience at a top, selective college? Often, the answer is no. This results in advice based on assumptions, common misconceptions, and popular myths accepted as facts.

However, there are clear, accurate answers to your college admissions questions, and it is important to work with knowledgeable individuals through the process to increase your college success.

The Ivy Dean is the only college admissions consulting group with a former Ivy League dean of admissions, over 40 years of college admissions insights, and experience reading hundreds of thousands of college applications and essays.

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