College Essay Assistance

Nearly all students in any selective college’s applicant pool possess the grades and test scores to be admitted. Therefore, essays frequently determine an applicant’s admission decision. For this reason, it is vital to write high-quality essays that are interesting and memorable.

With over 40 years of experience, I have read over a million college admission essays, including essays while Dean of Admissions at both Columbia and Harvard. My experience enables me to help students write successful college essays.

Through guidance and feedback, I will help you transform your essays into creative, powerful stories. With stronger essays, you are more likely to stand out from the thousands of other applicants—improving your chance of acceptance.


If you need to submit essays as part of your application process, here is what I offer:



  • Personal guidance from a former Ivy League Dean of Admissions
  • Identification of unique strengths, abilities, and experiences
  • Step-by-step help with essay topics and discussion points
  • Guidance to transform essays to be as strong as possible




For more information, call (845) 826-5310 or click here to contact Drusilla Blackman.