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College Interviews: How to be Unforgettable

Previously, I wrote about why you should always accept a college interview, as these interviews are great opportunities to personalize your applications and tell colleges more about what makes you different from other students in the applicant pool.

Recently, I reported to the Huffington Post some tips and insights from the Ivy League regarding how to stand out in a college’s alumni interview. In my article, “College Interviews: How to be Unforgettable”, I talk about my time managing the interview process at Harvard, Columbia, and Penn, along with tips that lead to a successful interview and college acceptance!

Here are the most important tips from my article:

  • Always do your homework
  • Show how you are different from other students
  • Avoid regurgitating your resume
  • Focus on you
  • Be emotional!
  • Take your time

For detailed descriptions about how to master each of the above tips, read the full article here.



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