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Common College Application Mistakes

Applying to college is like meeting any person for the first time: It is important to make a good first impression!

Our Huffington Post article, “How Relationship Mistakes Can Help You Get Into College”, discusses how applying to college is like any relationship—one must establish a strong connection and not forget important information, such as dates and requirements.

Here are some of the most common mistakes I observed during my years in college admissions:

  • Missing a college’s application deadline
  • Discussing a major, program, or resource not offered at a particular college
  • Writing the wrong college’s name in an essay
  • Forgetting to include the most important club or activity

While these mistakes may seem unlikely, they occur far more often than one may think. Students often work under pressure to submit many applications in just a short amount of time—some working right up to the deadline.

As college admissions becomes increasingly more complex and competitive, any small detail can make the difference between an acceptance or denial. First, it is important to research each college and organize all your application deadlines, materials, and requirements. Then, before you submit your applications, it is important to carefully review each application from beginning to end. Did you include all of your important information? Did you refer to the programs and opportunities that correspond with that college? Did you upload the correct essays and documents for that college? Did you submit all the requirements?

Many colleges do not allow a student to correct, update, or add information after their application is submitted, so it is important to take these extra steps and spend the time to submit strong, accurate applications.





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