Ivy League Acceptance Rates Expected to be Lower

Recently, I reported that the Ivy League received a historic number of early applications—breaking admissions records. This resulted in six of the eight Ivy League colleges reporting record-low early acceptance rates. The increase in applications continued to the Regular Decision round, and it is expected that the Ivy League will again report lower acceptance rates from last year.

In my article published on the Huffington Post, I discussed important strategies for high school students to increase success applying to the Ivy League, as my students get accepted to Ivy League colleges each year. Here is a summary of the advice I provided.

To be successful, a student must creatively stand out from other applicants by presenting unique information. I call this a student’s Application Positioning™.

Application Positioning™ is key for Ivy League admissions—even for top students. The Ivy League colleges seek students that uniquely contribute to the overall vibrancy and health of the college to continue attracting students to its college year after year. Relying on high grades and test scores, alone, are not enough to accomplish this.

It is also important for students to have a balance of reach, target, and safety schools. Then, you should focus on the quality of your applications. By strategically applying to only a handful of best-fit colleges, you will increase your college success—in contrast to quickly applying to many schools.

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