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The First-Ever Online College Admissions Course

The Ivy Dean recently launched its College Admissions Academy, which hosts the first-ever series of online college admissions classes taught by a former Ivy League Dean of Admissions.

The college application process to top colleges becomes more complex and selective each year. More so than ever before, students need access to expert advice and information to successfully complete their applications and compete within strong applicant pools.

To provide all students with access to the best information and tools, The Ivy Dean is proud to host the first-ever online admissions course, which will feature a series of college application classes covering all aspects of the college admissions process. My online college application classes teach students how to develop a winning college strategy and submit strong, compelling essays and application materials.

Students often have many questions through the college admissions process, such as what will stand out on my applications? What should I write about in my essays? And what do I include in each section of an application?

Students finish my online college admissions course with answers to these important application questions and many more. Equipped with insider insights, tips, and tools from a former Ivy League Dean of Admissions, students will submit stronger, more competitive applications to increase their chances of acceptance to any top college.

You can learn more about The Ivy Dean’s online college admissions course here or by reading my article featured on the Huffington Post.



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