Are you a freshman, sophomore, or junior?

The Ivy Dean can help you prepare for college with expert advice and insights from the Ivy League. Drusilla Blackman, a former Dean of Admissions, and Chase Staub, a former Admissions Officer, have over 40 years of admissions experience from inside such colleges as Harvard, Columbia, and Penn.

You likely have many questions: What classes should I take? What clubs will be helpful? What should I do over the summer? What are top colleges looking for? We have the answers to all of those questions and more. Dee and Chase offer students insights and strategies to successfully prepare for college. You will receive a unique college plan to improve your chances of acceptance at top, selective universities.


Services for freshman, sophomores, and juniors include:


In the past, we have helped students get accepted to the world’s most prestigious and selective pre-college programs, launch new, innovative businesses and community programs, and develop interests in a unique manner to catch the attention of top colleges.

Whether you are a current or rising high school sophomore, junior, or senior, we have services that will help you plan for college. Our students have gained admission to highly selective universities. Yale, Stanford, Duke, CalTech, and MIT are just a few of the large number of success stories.

So why take a chance? We remove the mystery from college admissions!


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