Programs for Underclassmen

The B.A.S.I.C. Program for Underclassmen

  • You don’t have a clear direction on how to prepare your child to be the best possible college applicant.
  • You have questions about which classes they should take, which activities they should pursue, and how they should spend their summers; and you have no credible advice you can trust.
  • We at The Ivy Dean™  will provide you with all the guidance you need to feel confident that your child has the proper preparation and direction to be the best possible candidate for a highly selective college.

What The Ivy Dean offers:

Regardless of whether your child is in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade, The Ivy Dean’s ‘Blueprint for Admissions to Selective Institutions and Colleges’ (BASIC) plan will be useful

The BASIC plan is a customized document that will first of all outline the all-important ‘positioning’ that will differentiate your child in the applicant pool. It will be based upon conversations and information gathering with both you and your child to assess their strengths and preferences, likes and desires.  This will be followed by comprehensive research designed to make informed recommendations about courses they should enroll in (both through their high school and perhaps through local or online colleges), school-year activities they should participate in, and summer activities that will round out their profile.  As a senior this will allow a strong, credible and compelling presentation to be made to their top choice colleges.

  • Participating in the BASIC Program also provides you with regular access to former admissions professionals during the year.  Needed changes in the Blueprint can be made or questions whose answers have future impacts can be addressed.
  • You don’t approach retirement without a plan.  Why would you entrust your child’s future to guidance professionals who have not actually made admissions decisions at selective colleges and haven’t provided your child with a clear path from high school to their top choice colleges.
  • Call The Ivy Dean to learn more about BASIC and how I can help.

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