When Are College Admissions Decisions Released?

April 1st is the last day for colleges to release their admissions decisions for the Class of 2021.

Many top colleges release their admissions decisions earlier, however. For example, MIT, UChicago, CalTech, and Georgia Tech are among the top colleges with earlier release dates for their freshman college admissions decisions. The Ivy League will be releasing decisions closer to the April 1st date, along with many other top colleges, such as Stanford, Duke, Vanderbilt, Georgetown, New York University (NYU), and Northwestern.

If you are like other college-bound high school seniors, you are likely repeatedly clicking refresh waiting for your college admissions decisions. Fortunately, there is only a week left!

During this time, it is important to be patient and respectful to the colleges. You are welcome to check their admissions sites for updated information, but you should avoid calling or emailing the admissions offices to learn of your admissions decision earlier. Previously, I posted an article regarding the importance of patience during this time, along with a few tips to help you through the final days.

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