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Mrs. Blackman was truly an asset to my college application. She helped me improve my essays, figure out which colleges were right for me, and she kept me on track throughout the entire admissions process.

No matter where a student is from, what their grades are, or which school they are applying to, navigating the college application process from start to finish can be a difficult and stressful experience. 

Application Positioning™

We will determine which of your achievements will make you stand out in a competitive applicant pool.

Academic Assessment

We will routinely assess academic performance to strengthen your academic profile.

Class Selection

We will help you select classes to emphasize your strengths and overcome any weaknesses.

Testing Presentation

We will guide you on the best presentation of your test scores to your top colleges.

Testing Guidance

We will offer strategies to offset lower test scores.

Activity Recommendations

We will guide you in selecting interesting and unique school-year activities.

Community Engagements

We will develop a custom approach to community service that will be attractive to top colleges.

School Breaks

We will provide advice for how to spend school breaks to maximize your chances of acceptance.

Summer Plans

We will help you to identify, and get accepted to, impressive summer programs that build your profile.

Professional Experience

We will advise you on strategic professional activities that demonstrate your diverse abilities and potential.

College List

We will help you create a list of reach, target, and safety colleges that align with your interests and academic profile.

Main Essay(s)

We will guide you through the process of writing a main essay that is creative, powerful, and will capture the attention of an admissions office.

Supplemental Essays

We will assist with writing college-specific supplemental essays with strong, unique and compelling content.

Essay Transformations

We will offer extensive guidance for writing well-written and captivating student essays of all types.

Honors List

We will provide insights to present your awards, honors, and distinctions in the most meaningful way.

Activity List

We will assist you in selecting and describing your activities to capture the attention of top colleges.

Letters of Recommendation

We will share tools and tips to help you receive strong letters of recommendation.

Teacher Relationships

We will offer advice for developing relationships with the teachers who will write your recommendations.


We will provide you with tools, resources, and practice that replicate a real college interview.

Application Guidance

We will ensure that your unique Application Positioning™ is reflected throughout your application.

Application Review

We will review each of your college applications before submission to identify areas for improvement.

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Drusilla Blackman, President

Drusilla (Dee) Blackman has had a long and successful career with over 40 years in the field of college admissions. She herself was an Ivy League student, achieving a B.S. from Brown University and a M.A. in psychology from Yale. After spending some time as a therapist, she returned to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to earn an M.B.A. in marketing.

Dee has worked in every facet of the college admissions process, starting as an admissions counselor and working her way up to a director, dean, and a vice-president of enrollment management. She has a firm grasp of college financial aid, athletic recruitment, and legacy admissions, having supervised the departments responsible for admissions decisions in all of these areas.

When Dee served as Dean of Undergraduate Admission and Financial Aid at Columbia, she estimates that she read in excess of 15 thousand applications every year. As Dean, she ultimately was responsible for who was admitted, and she understands just what an individual student application must contain for serious consideration by selective colleges.

The breadth of her long experience makes her a highly desirable resource for high school students and their families who have the determination to have a good college fit at the best possible college. With her insider’s understanding, she is able to make what may seem mysterious more predictable and bring what may seem impossible to within reach.

Learn more about her college planning services or get in touch today.


Columbia University – Dean of Undergraduate Admissions

Harvard University – Dean of Graduate Admissions

New Jersey State University – Dean of Admissions

Institutional Consultant

  • Assisted colleges in strengthening the quality of their freshman classes.

Independent College Consultant

  • Successfully assists students in gaining admission to the top US college.
  • Invited to provide expert opinions on television and in legal proceedings.


Brown University, Bachelor of Science Degree
Yale University, Master of Arts Degree (Clinical Psychology)
Wharton School of Business (Penn), Master of Business Administration (Marketing)

Christian Rabin, Vice-President

Humanities Specialist

As both an admissions counselor and college essay consultant, Christian has helped countless students from all over the globe gain offers from elite universities. 


The Morristown-Beard School –English and Humanities Teacher, 9-12

  • Instructed students in reading comprehension, literary analysis and writing.

The Chadwick School – English and Humanities Teacher, 9-12

  • Instructed students in reading comprehension, literary analysis, and writing.

Crimson Education ­– College Admissions Strategist

  • Assisted students from every continent gain admission to elite US universities through profile development and intensive application guidance.

Transformation in Action – Lead Facilitator and Workshop Creator

Independent College Consultant and Advanced Essay Support

  • Guiding students through the college essay process from original brainstorming through to final product.

Independent Writer

  • Presently at work on multiple writing projects including a feature length screenplay and a book length essay on blackness and philosophy.

As a college consultant, he strives to help students harness that potential by guiding them towards forging their own authentic narratives and finding an optimal fit in terms of school choice.


Brown University: Bachelor of Arts Degree

SUNY New Paltz: Master of Arts Degree (English Literature)

Hope Weinstein

STEM Specialist

Hope brings over 8 years of specialized Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) college admissions experience. She herself is a graduate of the Ivy League.


As a conselor with The Ivy Dean, Hope has successfully guided students to acceptance at top colleges, including the Ivy League. She has led numerous interview preparation workshops and has assisted with STEM-specific application positioning. Outside of The Ivy Dean, she serves as a Yale University alumni interviewer for college applicants.
  • Yale University – STEM Recruitment Leader and Tour Guide at the Admission Office
  • Yale University – President of Undergraduate Women in Science
  • United Nations – Science Policy Fellow
  • International Consulting Firm – Life Sciences Strategy Consultant


Yale University: Bachelor of Science Degree (Chemical Engineering)

Columbia University: Chemical Engineering Research Fellow

Hope’s training as a Chemical Engineer, coupled with her experiences at the Yale University Admission Office, offers a valuable perspective to parents and students navigating the complexities of the STEM-specific application process. 

Dr. Erin Leigh Courtice, PhD

Research Specialist

Dr. Erin Leigh Courtice has worked in academia for over 7 years as a PhD student, published researcher, and part-time undergraduate professor.


As a researcher for The Ivy Dean, Dr. Courtice has helped many students identify summer programs, extracurricular courses, activities, and volunteer/service opportunities that speak to their personal interests and position them for college admissions.

  • University of Ottawa (7+ years) – PhD graduate, Part-time undergraduate professor
  • The Ivy Dean (5+ years) – College admissions researcher


University of Toronto: Honour’s Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree (Psychology Specialization, English Literature Major, ‘Buddhism, Psychology, & Mental Health’ Minor)

University of Ottawa: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree (Experimental Psychology)

Dr. Courtice’s training in psychological research and her work as an undergraduate university professor aids her in identifying the best opportunities for students to position themselves for their college applications.

We are open 7 days a week and welcome calls on weekdays and weekends. We look forward to learning how our admissions experience at schools such as Harvard and Columbia can help you get accepted to any top college.

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