College Application Services

Receiving College Acceptance Letters

With The Ivy Dean, you will receive step-by-step application help from a team of former Ivy League admissions staff, Dee Blackman and Chase Staub. We apply over 40 years of experience to get students accepted to top colleges.

Services for Seniors:

  • Application Positioning™
  • Academic Assessment
  • Class Selection
  • Testing Guidance
  • Activity Recommendations
  • Community Suggestions
  • College List Assistance
  • Main Essay Development
  • Supplemental Essay Support
  • Essay Transformation Help
  • Activity List and Resume Presentation
  • Honors List Guidance
  • Letters of Recommendation Assistance
  • Interview Preparation
  • Application Review before Submission

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Services for Underclassman:

Selective colleges, such as those among the Ivy League, seek students who have unique experiences, talents, and/or interests to fill the limited spots on their campus. To ensure you stand out in a large applicant pool, we offer college consulting services as early as the 9th grade.

What does this include? Each semester, Dee Blackman and Chase Staub guide students through the selection of courses, activities, and extracurricular activities to shape their experiences leading up to one’s unique Application Positioning™ their senior year. We have guided students through the creation of businesses, the design of school or community programs, and the development of new skills.

We open the door to unique opportunities that ensure students stand out in an applicant pool that is often filled with common stories and experiences. To learn more about our services for underclassman, click here.


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