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How to Get Off A College’s Waitlist

Did you get waitlisted from your dream college?

While it may be disappointing and even frustrating, you should not feel discouraged. As I report in a recent Huffington Post article, there are a few key steps to “dramatically increase your likeliness of an acceptance.”

By being waitlisted, the admissions office believes you are a strong candidate and will be academically successful at their college. However, other students may have been a better fit to the college’s admissions goals for this year. Fortunately, not all students accept a college’s offer of admission, even at top colleges such as Harvard and Stanford. To account for any empty spaces in the freshman class, colleges create waitlists.

In the event a space becomes available, it is important to have a strong connection with your regional admissions officer by writing a statement of continual interest, which includes important updates since you submitted your application to the college. My recent article discusses how to write these statements and ideas for updates to include.

For more information about college waitlists and how to increase your chances of acceptance, read my full Huffington Post article here.



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