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    How to Get Off A College’s Waitlist

    Did you get waitlisted from your dream college? While it may be disappointing and even frustrating, you should not feel discouraged. As we report in a recent Huffington Post article, there are a few key steps to “dramatically increase your likeliness of an acceptance.” By …

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    The Future of College Admissions

    The field of admissions is constantly changing—leading to extensive confusion and inaccurate information. The Ivy Dean is up to date on these trends and brings truthful, accurate information to our students and families. Recently, Harvard’s Graduate School of Education released a report encouraging even greater …

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    The Truth About Ivy League College Admissions

    The belief is that exceptional grades, high test scores and an assortment of extracurricular activities will give you a fighting chance anywhere. If you throw in the fact that a parent attended the college, that the student is an athlete, or that the student does …

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    The Application Process – What you should know in advance to make your applications stand out.

    The college application process can be intimidating. Nevertheless, you should not get overwhelmed by the various sections and requirements. To give you an overview of the application process, let us break down each of the sections in terms of their relationship to a student’s admissions …

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